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“Hawkman & Sons”, 2019Alder, Acrylic Paint, Red Cedar Bark, Buck TailDimensions: 17” x 10” 7.5”By Angelo Kalum Cavagnaro  The hawk symbolizes the sky realm, “world with no ceilings” and conveys motifs of teacher and student. Much of my own skills in carving began from my teachers at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art, and has continued to grow with each interaction I have had with other artists, beings, and places since then. Many of our teachings originate from land and water, they are our greatest mentors in a way. This mask is a reflection of my journeys on a helicopter, seeing the Nisga’a and Tlingit territories from a different perspective made me realize that people are at the mercy of the spirit of water. During one trip above, I actually witnessed the land take a full breath, and it changed how I view our world. I am happy that I am able to share these memories in sculptural forms.*Copper wire is attached to hang the mask on a wall

Hawkman & Sons Mask by Angelo Cavagnaro

  • *Shipping within Canada only at this time (email to inquire for international)
    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local hand delievery an option (Tkaronto only)

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