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Legends of the Blue Sky (2019)

by Veronica Rose Waechter


Alder, found plastic tape, acrylic paint, fishing twine, brass binding.


10" x 7.5" hair is extra 2' hanging down



Artist Statement:


Legends of the Blue Sky is a song by recording artists Kimmortal (Filipinx) and The Northwest Kid (Gitxsan). In listening to this song, I was inspired by the realness and relatable constant worry for the future of this planet and for the next generations. It speaks about the loss of our identities and cultures as the lands and waters become increasingly polluted, and survival is again top priority. The smoke on the outside of the mask represents the current habits that effect our immediate future, while the blue sky on the inside of the mask refers to the times before the changes. The plastic tape fastened as hair can be a symbol of wasteful practices, human-caused forest fires and the effects of corporate industries.


This piece of wood was found fallen, collected respectively, carved carefully with handmade and hand sharpened tools, slowly dried layer by layer, shapes formed, design prepared and slightly sanded. Mask was then painted and found plastic from Gitxsan territory was attached to this mask as hair. Pointilism formline design seen only to the close eye on front of mask.


This mask has a copper wire on the back that allows it to hang on the wall.

Legends of the Blue Sky Mask by Veronica Waechter

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    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local hand delievery an option (Tkaronto only)

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