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Ravens First Flight, 2023
alder wood, acrylic paint, sinew, linseed oil
L 13" x W 6" x D 4.5"

by Angelo Kalum Cavagnaro

Artist Statement:
This is Angelos first raven rattle, and it was created with a lot of research. He studied old pieces, from his nation and others along the coast, using books, old handouts from K'san, online archives, and in-person visits to the archives.

The red dancer depicted on the top of the raven is a male figure in motion. The face on the belly of the raven represents the ravens strong energy. This raven rattle reflects a positive masculinity that lives within traditional Nisga'a culture. Much is to be learned still about the significance of raven rattles, as their purpose and conecpt has been lost over the ages.

*Not including rabbit fur

Ravens First Flight, sculpted wood rattle by Angelo Cavagnaro

  • *Free shipping within Canada only at this time (email to inquire for international)
    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local delievery available (Terrace, northwest BC area)

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