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Return of Naxnok, 2018,
alder, acrylic, and horse hair,
11.5” x 10” x 6” with additional 12” of hair hanging down

by Angelo Kalum Cavagnaro


Artist Statement:

The dance of the forest draws all who can witness. Many can appreciate the bloom and abundance of the woods, and yet we show a difference in appreciation when the land and trees must sleep. There is beauty from the change into Winter. The leaves and stalks that lay, are the days filled with shine as we wait. My inspiration is drawn from movement of the land itself. Trees blowing in the wind, expressing resilience. The chatter of the leaves, to remind ourselves to listen. Limbs reaching out, for help and support. The Return of Naxnok, represents the harmony of the supernatural orchestra.

This piece represents the action of looking at the past. It is rendition of a mask from the early 20th century, the original piece now rests in the Burke Museum, in Seattle. Not much is known or left over about the piece. To me, it resembles the trickery of the land, mischievous weather patterns, always leaving some kind of lesson. Looking to the past, to our stories of the changes and disasters, the flood to the volcanoes, we can learn about the different ways we adapted to the changes in our environments. This way, we can work towards better solutions for living in a good way with the rest of the life on earth, instead of contributing to the imbalance.

Copper wire is attached to hang the mask on a wall

Return of Naxnok by Angelo Cavagnaro

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    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
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