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Salmon Tea Scoop, 2016
By Veronica Rose Waechter
yellow cedar4.5L x 1.5W x 0.5 H (in inches)


Artist Statement:
Tea is a medicine that has been used since time immemorial. This tea scoop was made to make tea time even more sacred. Made from a small piece of yellow cedar and sealed with Terra Nova Naturoil, a natural oil that you can safely use with foods. The carved design motif represents a salmon egg, the symbols in the middle referencing growth and wellness.


This piece of wood was a found off-cut, carved carefully with handmade and hand sharpened tools, small shapes formed, design prepared, sanded carefully, then a simple coat of NaturOil which is safe to use with foods/beverages.

Salmon Tea Scoop by Veronica Waechter

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    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local hand delievery an option (Tkaronto only)

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