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Spring Cub Frontlet, 2020,
alder, acrylic, abalone inlay and sea lion whiskers,
8” x 6” x 3.5” additional 9” for whiskers,

by Angelo Cavagnaro

Artist Statement:

Coastal bears navigate themselves back to the sea after the long winters in the mountains, scavenging the beaches to survive until the salmon make their way home. A true test of survival skills, bears learn to follow their noses and eat clams, mussels, plants, and scraps as they wait for their real feast. As temperatures rise, we see more red tide and less fish populations, and more waste on the beaches and in the waters. Bears are a crucial part of our ecosystems, they carry nutrients from their prey deep into the woods where it is fertilizer for the forests. We are seeing more urban bears as a result of habitat loss and overfishing. A frontlet is an object of high ranking which expresses one’s spiritual prowess and connection to the animal represented.

*White Rabbit fur not included
Copper wire is attached for ability to hang the frontlet on a wall

Each abalone piece was hand cut and made into inlay pieces. There are four inlay on each side of the bear, one in each bear arm /leg, and one in each eye, for a total of 14 beautiful abalone inlays.

Spring Cub Frontlet by Angelo Cavagnaro

  • *Free shipping within Canada only at this time (email to inquire for international)
    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local hand delievery an option (Terrace, north west BC area)

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