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Transformative Soapberry Spoon, 2020
alder, acrylic paint
by Veronica Rose Waechter

Artist Statement:
Soapberry spoons are delicate instruments which were traditionally used on the northwest coast to whip and eat iss or indian ice cream -whipped soapberries. Spoons were made for the individual and often depicted a design of the persons crest or name. In this soapberry spoon, a human and bird motifs are represented, bringing up notions of spiritual transformation. This idea is brought further with the blended colours of the rainbow, which references respect to LGBTQ2S+ folx.

** The spoon snapped near where the stem meets the paddle, and has been put together with strong epoxy. It will not break again untless used for extreme iss whipping.. but if broken/fixed work is not for you, keep an eye out as I love making spoons. Broken is still beautiful!


This piece of wood was a found off-cut, carved carefully with handmade and hand sharpened tools, spoon shapes formed, design prepared, sanded carefully, acrylic wash blending painting over the spoon surface, then a light coat of Linseed oil.

Transformative SoapberrySpoon by Veronica Waechter

  • *Free shipping within Canada only at this time (email to inquire for international)
    *One of a kind, unique and imperfect, intirely handmade items
    *Local hand delievery an option (Tkaronto only)

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