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Hand Carved Stories to Share


We are currently working on new projects and ideas for this website.
Stay tuned for upcoming drops and shares!

FAQ: Why are the visual art images watermarked?

The artists at Northwest Coast Creatives are acutely aware of fraudulent acts of illegally reproducing Northwest Coast Indigenous art without consent, and have watermarked our images in response to this constant stealing of cultural and intellectual properties.

Please respect our decisions to protect our property. You may learn more about intellectual property and its impacts through Authentic Indigenous, where we would be rated as Tier 1(products are designed, produced and distributed by Indigenous artists or businesses).

If you would like to better see the artwork, connect to our team for a video call or more clear images.



Northwest Coast Creatives 

Northwest Coast Creatives is an online presence of [two] Northwest Coast Art makers sharing their art and stories with each other and the world. With beginnings in 2021, this space hopes to promote alternative methods for sharing our art + stories in relation to land and connectivity, while also giving ourselves agency to represent and trade/sell our hand made items with others. The intention here is always the connecting points. We [the artists] have just finished journeys at a school in Tkaronto, all the way across Turtle Island. Thank you for your support in simply reading this.



Currently residing as visitors on the traditional territories of the Tsm'syen peoples
Also known as Terrace BC
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